AMP Carousel. Allows you to create carousels of images and content inside the email
Name Type Attributes Default Description
width Number <optional>
600 Carousel width. Must be set in pixels
height Number <optional>
300 Carousel height. Must be set in pixels
layout String <optional>
responsive The layout of the carousel. Allowed values: fill, fixed, fixed-height, flex-item, intrinsic, nodisplay, responsive
type String <optional>
slides Carousel type (slides|carousel)
loop Boolean <optional>
Carousel loop
autoplay Boolean <optional>
Carousel autoplay: the slides advance without user interaction
delay Number <optional>
5000 Autoplay time
<m-carousel width="600" height="350">
   <m-img src="img/img1.png" width="100%" height="350" alt=""></m-img>
   <m-img src="img/img2.png" width="100%" height="350" alt=""></m-img>
   <m-img src="img/img3.png" width="100%" height="350" alt=""></m-img>