Adds text or link. Can contain regular html tags, e.g., <a>, <b>, etc.
Name Type Attributes Default Description
bold Boolean <optional>
Bold typeface
text-decoration string <optional>
none Underlined text
color string <optional>
#000000 Text color
href string <optional>
A link. If the attribute is specified, the text will be a link
font-family string <optional>
Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif Font family
font-size string <optional>
14px Font size in px or pt
line-height string <optional>
140% Line height in px or percents
<m-text bold color="#cccccc" font-size="12px">Lorem ipsum sit dolar</m-text>
<m-text href="https://ampier.io" color="#0000cc">some link</m-text>
<m-text color="#cccccc">text with some <a href="#" style="color:#0000cc">link</a></m-text>