Wraps any element. Allows you to limit the width, set the background color or background image
Name Type Attributes Default Description
width string <optional>
100% Block width in px or percents
height string <optional>
Block height in px
outlook-width string <optional>
Allows you to set a custom width for Outlook (used for widescreen emails)
align string <optional>
center Horizontal alignment. Can be left | right | center
valign string <optional>
Vertical alignment. Can be top | bottom | middle
padding string <optional>
Padding. Can be set by 1 to 4 parameters in px, according to the CSS standard
bgcolor string <optional>
Background color
border string <optional>
Border properties, e.g., #cccccc 2px solid
border-top string <optional>
Border top properties, e.g., #cccccc 2px solid
border-right string <optional>
Border right properties, e.g., #cccccc 2px solid
border-bottom string <optional>
Border bottom properties, e.g., #cccccc 2px solid
border-left string <optional>
Border left properties, e.g., #cccccc 2px solid
border-radius string <optional>
Rounding radius
box-shadow string <optional>
Box shadow
background-image string <optional>
Background image
outlook-background-image string <optional>
Allows you to set a custom background image for Outlook and Lotus (used for widescreen emails)
background-position string <optional>
Background image position (Lotus and Outlook will ignore this attribute)
<m-wrap width="600" bgcolor="#ccffff" align="center">
<m-wrap width="1000" outlook-width="700" background-image="img/bg.png" outlook-background-image="img/bg_out.png">